Unofficial Firefox flatpak repository

This is an unofficial Firefox flatpak repository provided by Fedora and Red Hat maintainers and made for testing purposes. To obtain official Firefox provided by Mozilla go to official website.

We're committed to updating this repository until we state otherwise on this website.


The installation requires flatpak 0.6.13 or newer. See how to get it on

The Gnome Runtime is required to run the application. To install its repository execute following command:

flatpak remote-add --from gnome


So far there are three possible way how to install our flatpacked builds:
  1. by individual builds using .flatpakref file
  2. from repository by using .flatpakrepo file
  3. whole bundle which contains all data in one file (excluding Gnome Runtime) in .flatpak file.

Installing individual build

Currently unofficial Firefox flatpak repository contains three builds of Firefox: To install specific build use following command:
flatpak install --from
For example if you want to install Firefox Nightly use:
flatpak install --from
You will be prompted if you want to install required Gnome Runtime. This needs to be accepted.

Installing from repository

If you'd like to install more than one build, consider adding our repository by:

flatpak remote-add --from org.mozilla.FirefoxRepo
Then you can install any build by (list of available builds is there):
flatpak install org.mozilla.FirefoxRepo BUILD_NAME
For example to install Firefox Nightly use:
flatpak install org.mozilla.FirefoxRepo org.mozilla.FirefoxNightly

Advantage of adding repository is that there's only one repository record for all builds, therefore easier repository administration. On the other hand when the .flatpakref is used there is a separate repository entry for each installed build.

Installing bundle

You can also install .flatpak bundle which contains all required files but runtime (see Requirements). The installation of bundle also setup a new repository, so to update bundle you can use instructions from Update section. To do so download .flatpak file you want: After flatpak bundle file has been downloaded the flatpak file can bundle can be installed by:
You could be prompted if you want to install required Gnome Runtime. This needs to be accepted.


According to installed builds you can find the application in your desktop application list as: To execute the application from command line use following:
flatpak run BUILD_NAME
For example to run Firefox Nightly use:
flatpak run org.mozilla.FirefoxNightly

Please note that when there's existing Firefox session in use the new window of running Firefox instance can be open instead of running flatpacked application. To avoid that use --no-remote option, for example:

flatpak run org.mozilla.FirefoxNightly --no-remote


The application can be updated by:
flatpak update BUILD_NAME
for example:
flatpak update org.mozilla.FirefoxNightly


To uninstall Firefox run following commands:
flatpak uninstall BUILD_NAME
for example:
flatpak uninstall org.mozilla.FirefoxNightly
If you also want to get rid of Gnome Runtime, continue with:
flatpak uninstall org.gnome.Platform
flatpak remote-delete gnome
Also look for installed repositories by:
flatpak remote-list
Repositories can be removed when all applications from the repository are uninstalled by:
flatpak remote-delete REPOSITORY_NAME
Note that a repository has been installed even when an individual build was installed by using .flatpakref file. This allows easy update of the flatpak package.


Build scripts which are used for creating this repository can be found on GitHub:

Issue tracking

Do not hesitate to report problems you encounter with this flatpak build to the issue tracker on GitHub:


If you have any issues or comments don't hesitate to contact us: [email protected].