Unofficial Firefox Developer Edition flatpak repository

This is an unofficial Firefox Developer Editon flatpak repository provided by Fedora and Red Hat maintainers and made for testing purposes. To obtain official Firefox Developer Edition provided by Mozilla go to official website.

We're committed to updating this repository until we state otherwise on this website.


The installation requires flatpak 0.6.13 or newer. See how to get it on

The Gnome Runtime is required to run the application. To install its repository execute following command:
flatpak remote-add --from gnome
To install package continue with:
flatpak install --from
You will be prompted if you want to install required Gnome Runtime. This needs to be accepted.


You can find the application in your desktop application list as Firefox - Developer Edition.
To execute the application from command line use following:
flatpak run org.mozilla.FirefoxDevEdition


The application can be updated by:
flatpak update org.mozilla.FirefoxDevEdition


To uninstall the Gnome runtime and Firefox Developer Edition run following commands:
flatpak uninstall org.mozilla.FirefoxDevEdition
If you also want to get rid of Gnome Runtime, continue with:
flatpak uninstall org.gnome.Platform
flatpak remote-delete gnome

Current version

Firefox Aurora 52.0a2 (Build time: Sun Jan 22 00:36:39 CET 2017)


Build scripts which are used for creating this repository can be found on GitHub:

Issue tracking

Do not hesitate to report problems you encounter with this flatpak build to the issue tracker on GitHub:


If you have any issues or comments don't hesitate to contact us: [email protected].